Total Quality Management

YIXUN was certified with ISO9001  quality system by the International Standards Authority( ISA) in 2007. All the employees took part in the training. The quality responsibility for each department was clarified, and the management procedure was specified. Besides, the coordination between the input and out put was also defined. Quality manual and program files were compiled. In the future production process, we will insist on continuous improvement to the the key weak link.

DongGuan YiXun Industrial Co., Ltd.

Quality Control System

It`s a long process for each product from material purchasing to the final delivery. If an error can not be identified timely, the delivery will get delay, and cause waste on human labor and material etc. To ensure customer get the qualify products,

DongGuan YiXun Industrial Co., Ltd.

YiXun QC procedure

1.part mold draft analysis

2.mold design control

3.steel hardness inspection

4. dimension inspection of electrode 、cavity and core

5.mold trial report and inspection report


7.shipment inspection

professional QC and inspection equipment